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27 years in business, Chase-Builder Corporation, through its Owner/Founder David Bubley, believes in Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, and Quality. Chase-Builder offers experience and reliability in any of the Construction services we provide. Our core business is not just constructing buildings, but working with, and committing ourselves to our customer’s and client’s construction and development needs. Chase-Builder does this in providing multiple construction services.

General Contracting (hover to expand)

Typically thought of as the traditional or conventional method of Project delivery. Chase-Builder Corporation has completed many successful conventional General Contracting projects. Chase-Builder can work directly with the Owner/Developer, or Owner’s Rep, or Design Professional in delivering a traditional bid, or a negotiated cost approach. Whether an Owner has a complete set of Construction drawings, or we assist in the design process, and help the Owner obtain them, we take on the full responsibility of compiling a complete Cost, pursuant to the Plans and Specifications, and we will deliver that project for that agreed upon Cost.

Owners Representation (hover to expand)

Chase-Builder Corporation, and through its owner, David Bubley, has acted as an Owner’s Representative, for many projects throughout our 27 years. There could be many reasons an Owner, a Lender, a Bank, an Association, or a Home Owner needs an experienced, trusted, and knowledgeable Construction Professional to oversee, and/or assist them in managing a project. Chase-Builder provides a great “Checks and Balances” system.

Construction/Developing Consulting (hover to expand)

These services have been very successful, and are among the fastest growing services we provide. David Bubley, the Owner of Chase-Builder, has accumulated over 30 years of Construction and Development experience. Many times an Owner/Developer has an idea, and does not know how to get started, or is in a preliminary stage of a project, and needs an experienced construction professional to lend advice and direction. David Bubley and his team offer full consulting serves to help and direct. This service could include performing feasibility reports, help assisting in land acquisition and/or site selection, research codes and constraints, test market conditions, or to help program a specific approach in the development process. Many Owners are successful operators of a specific business, they may be looking to expand their operations, or relocate their businesses, but being an expert in their field, or successful in their operations, does not include them “wearing a developer’s hat”. Yet without the services that we can provide, that Owner has to take on a Developer’s role, and ultimately could cost them wasted money and critical time. David Bubley has been very successful in providing these Consulting Services.

Construction Management(hover to expand)

The clear cut majority of Chase-Builder’s projects have been a negotiated Construction Management format. We clearly work and direct all our efforts to serve the best interest of our customer/client. Typically we will join the Owner as part of their development team from the beginning. We then assist the complete team in all aspects of the development process. Among them would be to help compile preliminary construction costs and budgets, schedules, building systems and components, identify long lead items and potential construction issues, as well as any other elements that make for a successful project. We work closely with the Architect, and other Design Professionals, in making sure the Owner’s Objectives and Goals are met. Chase-Builder will then enter into an agreement to manage the complete construction project on a negotiated fee or percentage mark up. Our format includes a complete transparency and “open book” with our Owners.

Specialty Construction(hover to expand)

Chase-Builder prides itself on performing challenging projects. Our portfolios of projects are loaded with specialty construction that many of the conventional contractors are not as experienced in taking on. Whether it has been building basement type structures in the state of Florida where the water table does not typically warrant that construction, such as Lube and Oil centers, or constructing AHCA Medical Surgical Centers, and/or Special Government Agency facilities, Chase-Builder truly does pride itself on taking on and successfully completing complex and special projects.

Expert Witness Construction Litigation

David Bubley has been qualified as an expert Witness in Construction Litigation cases. He has testified as an expert witness, as well as worked with multiple law firms in assisting them in reviewing and organizing their construction documents.