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Chase-Builder Corporation believes in working in a true partnership and team approach with each of its clients and customers. Chase-Builder's mission statement represents those actions; "To facilitate the construction needs of our customers, and do it in a quality and integrity minded way". To accomplish this Chase-Builder has to practice all the functions of the contracting and construction management business as parts of each of its projects. Just putting up "the sticks and mortar it self does not provide for the successful completion of any size project". Chase-Builder offers the following services to its clients.

Options Analysis(hover to expand)

From the beginning Chase-Builder looks at each project as a separate project and works closely with the Ownership and/or Ownership's Management team, and provides constant input as to construction systems options, it asks "what would work best to meet the needs and objectives of the Owner. Is there a better way of accomplishing the task at hand, and can the owner benefit from this". Chase-Builder works with the design professional in the same way. Chase-Builder's experience lends itself to constantly seeking the best option to accomplish the work at hand, and then share's that information with the entire team.

Budget Estimating(hover to expand)

In experiencing 27 years of contracting, Chase-Builder has found that each project, no matter what size it may be, has different challenges and has different components that make each project unique. Therefore, cost estimating is not an "off the shelf" process. Cost/Budget Estimating needs the ability to go into the local market, survey and request for proposals from multiple entities, extrapolate back from past similar jobs, and then compile a true and reasonable budget estimate that the Owner can use to make an informed business decision, and use the estimate as an actual tool. Chase-Builder looks at the Budget Estimate as one of the main tasks in completing the successful project.

Construction Scheduling (hover to expand)

Chase-Builder uses MicroSoft "Project Management" as a software scheduling program. But more realistically, it believes that understanding the construction process and staying in constant communication with its subs and suppliers is the real key in making a schedule work. Chase-Builder understands critical path methodology (CPM), and uses it as a root in working out schedules and insuring long lead items.

Construction Analysis

Again, maintaining constant monitoring and supervision allows the ability to review and analyze. Chase-Builder constantly monitors progress and component assembly, and insures the completion of the plans and/or project tasks.

Change Order Negotiations (hover to expand)

Change Orders do happen and are a part of the process. How a firm handles change orders is another thing. Chase-Builder feels that the up-front establishment of mark ups and fees, as well as full disclosure to the components of each line item that makes up the change is essential to controlling valid change order costs. Chase-Builder also understands that Change Orders do not occur if the scope of work is shown on the drawings or specified in some type of documents, and that work is then completed. When the extra work is required and deemed valid, or additional work requested, full disclosure and documentation will be provided, and proper execution of proper paper work followed, prior to the work being executed.

Transition Planning (hover to expand)

Chase-Builder works close with Ownership in establishing time tables and schedules. As part of the planning and scheduling process, Chase-Builder will keep the Ownership/Management team informed and will help meet the required time needs of the project. Transitional Planning starts during the construction project, not at the end of it.

Design Review(hover to expand)

Because of Chase-Builder's experience, We can share past projects experience, as well as meet with its team of proven sub contractors and material suppliers in reviewing design/drawings and assisting to make sure that the plans are reasonable to meet the owner's desire. Chase-Builder Corporation is not a "Design Professional" and does not step over its boundaries as acting as the contractor, yet can work with the design team, and make suggestions and bring relevant data back to the owner's design team, and make suggestions and bring relevant data back to the owner's design professionals in helping to meet the Owners needs.

Value Engineering (hover to expand)

Is a necessary step in ultimately setting the final budget. Chase-Builder has found that no matter what the economic climate is, there is the constant need to assist in helping bring down project costs and maintaining project affordability. The Value Engineering process helps to accomplish this. As stated above, Chase-Builder has a wealth of experience and proven Subs and Suppliers that it relies on to lend their experience to the process. Chase-Builder constantly asks "is there a better or more affordable way to skin the cat?", "where can the project save money?". Chase-Builder then takes this information and compiles a Value Engineering report that will outline and list areas of cost savings, and gives that report to the Owner and/or design professional to see if that may be the best course of action. The Value Engineering process does not stop once the project begins. If there is an opportunity to save the project money, then Chase-Builder believes that it is part of their responsibility to report that to the Owner and then see if the Owner finds it a valid savings.

Quality Control (hover to expand)

Checks and balances, constant supervision, and maintaining effective schedules are all components of the Quality Control process. Building in the necessary time to react and follow up is part of this process. Chase-Builder believes that Quality has to be a standard to any project. Many times, the project has cost options or systems options but never quality options. Choosing the right team, people, and maintaining constant monitoring will insure quality control.

Cost Control (hover to expand)

Once a Budget estimate is prepared and approved, the constant monitoring and cross checking of line items and quantity take offs is a necessary step in insuring cost control. Proper, effective supervision is again the guiding arm that Chase-Builder feels will keep cost over runs from occurring. Starting with the correct selection of Subs and Suppliers, the timely ordering of material and the proper scheduling of all necessary tasks are components to Cost Control.

Project Close Out (hover to expand)

Chase-Builder leaves a project ready for occupancy, and works close with the Ownership/Management team, and Design Professional in turning over a clean, ready to use project. Once a punch list is completed, and if required, final inspections accomplished, all required statements of warranty, lists of Subs and Subs phone numbers are supplied, and again if necessary product data information is required that also will be provided. Chase-Builder formally closes out the project as a separate process.